Department Store

Shinkong Mitsukoshi

Shinkong Mitsukoshi presents its products through a variety of shopping themes, such as “boutiques from around the world,” “latest fashion trends,” “a gourmet’s feast,” “the supermarket of fine goods,” and “cultural events.” Shinkong Mitsukoshi not only caters to the everyday needs of local people, but is also a great shopping place for visitors coming to Taiwan.

Pacific SOGO

SOGO takes pride in its Japanese-style “customers first” services. From the moment you step into the department store, to taking elevators and asking questions at the front desk, you shall find yourself treated nicely. The Sogo team is devoted to offering well-planned services. Please feel free to shop and relax at SOGO.

Far Eastern Department Stores

Modern and full of fun, Far Eastern Department Stores offers a shopping experience like never before. Its space is inspired by European and North American shopping centers, combining shopping, entertainment, lifestyle, dining, culture and more at once. Come and feel refreshed at Far Eastern Department Stores!

Breeze Center

Breeze Center is a large shopping center where customers can shop, eat, watch a movie, or just relax. Spacious and comfy, Breeze Center is the best place to be enjoyed!

Dayeh Takashimaya

At the spacious and comfy Dayeh Takashimaya, you can take time shopping or having nice food. This department store features a giant aquarium that holds bubble and fish-feeding shows. This is a great place for family visitors to go.


Uni-President, Taipei City Hall Bus Station and the W Hotel are all conveniently situated in one giant compound at the heart of Xinyi District. Boutiques, clothes, sportswear, household appliances, etc. from around the world can be purchased at this department store. It is also a popular spot for taking memorial wedding photos.


Miramar is great place to dine and shop. It is equipped with a food court and each floor has a different theme, such as lifestyle goods, designer brands, and urban fashion. Miramar is also known for its first hundred-meter Ferris wheel of Taiwan. Many love birds like to take the wheel and enjoy the city’s night-time views. Many people come here to take memorial wedding photos, too.

Q Square

Q Square is located right within the Taipei Bus Station. It is bright, spacious and nicely decorated with creative shop windows. Of course, Q Square is advantaged by its convenient location. You may take Taiwan Railway, THSR, MRT (including the airport line) and highway buses from here. The building even has a hotel, a cinema and a fitness club. Q Square is truly a new landmark of western Taipei.

Shopping Centre


Located in Xinyi District, TAIPEI 101 is Taiwan’s first and the best international-level shopping center. Its observatory, 382m above the ground on the 89th floor, boasts a panoramic view of beautiful Taipei. You can also take a look at the world’s largest wind damper on the 88th floor. This is also the only wind damper open to general visitors on earth.

Tiger City

Tiger City is close to Taichung City’s major public projects, such as National Taichung Theater and Maple Garden. This makes its surroundings the trendiest and most diverse shopping area of Taichung. Tiger City is full of surprises. Its water theater and circular restaurant are not to be missed!


On lush green Dunhua South Road, TheMall is the first American-style shopping center operating jointly with a business hotel and an office compound. It is also the area’s largest shopping center.

Living Mall

Living Mall impresses visitors with its unique round front building which leans against an L-shaped main structure. This compound has high ceilings that give a magnificent feel. Other than night clubs and wedding restaurants, Living Mall features a few spacious parent-child indoor amusement parks, making it a perfect destination for family visitors.

Global Mall

GlobalMall has plenty of branches in Taiwan, and each is established to show the region’s best features and to cater to specific customers’ needs. Its train-station shopping centers provide to-go food services so that travelers can enjoy delicious cuisine on the go. At “for-all” branches, visitors can dine at thematic restaurants, watch movies and shop for designer-brand products at once. At “art and culture” malls, such as its World Expo Branch in Hsinchu, customers can explore a wide range of art and cultural products.

Dream Mall

Dream Mall, located on Zhonghua Fifth Road in KaohsiungCity, houses renowned domestic and international designer brands. It is also equipped with a bookstore and some nice restaurants. If you want to spend a relaxing day of shopping, Dream Mall is the place to go. Its 102.5-meter Ferris wheel on the top floor is the only of its kind with an expansive ocean city view in Taiwan. People come to the Ferris wheel to take memorial weeding photos, too. Even TV teams come here to shoot Idol drama.

Neo 19

NEO 19 takes pride in its selection of stylized restaurants and sports shopping theme. Most of the shops in NEO 19 are flagship or concept stores. A walk in NEO 19 is like immersing in the latest trends. Many young foreign backpackers like to hunt for nice stuff here.


ATT 4 FUN has four major themes: fashion, culture, entertainment and food. Holding idol activities from time to time, ATT 4 FUN is an important spot for fans of Korean and Japanese stars.


Taimall is Taiwan’s first multi-functional sports and shopping center. It has a spacious green park where performances and activities for the young and the old are held. If you are traveling with your family, Taimall is a good place to go.

Metro Walk

Metro Walk has all the major brands you need to make life more convenient, such as Carrefour, Eslite, Apple, Muji and Sega. If you are in Zhongli and want to do some shopping, just come to Metro Walk!

E-Da Outlet Mall

E-Da Outlet Mall impresses visitors with a canopy that’s 110 meters long and 10 meters wide. This special canopy constantly changes its colors and patterns to simulate dusk and dawn, the four seasons and the zodiac sky. E-Da also offers Taiwan’s only shopping hallway where people can have a dreamy, western-style shopping experience. Open all year round, E-Da is southern Taiwan’s must-go for visitors from around the world.


Eslite Bookstore

Eslite Bookstore inspires its counterparts with innovative cultural services. Its space is graceful and comfy, with a large selection of foreign art books. Eslite also hosts an art gallery and holds cultural events.Consumers are presented with a wide range of options as they enjoy this unique experience. The first local bookstore that’s open 24hours a day, 365 days a year, Eslite’s Dunnan Branch is a must-go for all travelers.


The first in Taiwan to provide more than book-selling services, Kingstone Bookstore takes pride in its locally-inspired features. Kingstone’s reading spaces are clean, bright and spacious, and at the stationery sections consumers can find plenty of options. Kinsgtone’s friendly atmosphere makes going to bookstores a relaxing experience. Some locals even say it feels like they are travelling in a fun, new place when they are at Kingstone!

Chongqing S. Road (Book Street)

Chongqing S. Road, hailed as the Book Street, has a resounding history. At its peak, it housed more than a hundred bookstores and publishing companies in total. Today, it is still the best place to buy books for visitors to Taiwan.

Artland Bookstore

Artland Bookstore specializes in art books from across the world. Connoisseurs love to make their book purchases here. It is highly popular among foreign visitors in Taiwan.



Years back, 7-11 revolutionized Taiwan’s retail industry with its neat, bright open-shelf stores. It is also Taiwan’s first shopping place to open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Now, with branches spreading out all over Taiwan and its offshore islets, 7-11 even sells fresh vegetables and coffee, and offers home delivery, bill-payment and ticket-purchase services, among others.


Featuring convenient and fast services, Family is devoted to making “Family your home.” The second largest convenient store enterprise in Taiwan, Family offers neighborhood services such as home delivery, bill-paying and ticket purchase. Of course, it all makes good coffee.


Hi-Life provides all kinds of everyday goods, fresh food and coffee for customers to choose from. It is a good helper in life.

OK mart

OK takes pride in its comfy spaces, complete services and a huge selection of goods. Like the other major convenient stores in Taiwan, it offers services such as home delivery, bill payment and ticket purchase. It also serves coffee. OK has plenty of branches throughout Taiwan.


Jianguo Holiday Flower and Jade Market

Located just below the Jianguo Sout Road Viaduct, the Jianguo Holiday Flower and Jade Market is open only on weekends and national holidays. It is separated by Renai Road in the middle: to the south is the flower section and to the north is the jade zone. Most of the markets’ products, such as cut flowers and pot plants, are directly transported from flower farms. This is a great place to bring something green home because choices are many. If you just want to feast your eyes with flora beauty, this is also the place to go. The jade zone hosts nearly a thousand sellers who would proudly show customers their jade, jewelry and antique collections. Feel free to explore this under-the-bridge world of gems!

Neihu Flower Market

Neihu Flower Market is the largest wholesale flower market in Taiwan. Here you can find all kinds of rare flowers and plants from around the world. Upstairs of the market is a flower-theme restaurant, and a few leisure facilities can also be enjoyed. Educational events are held from time to time. Looking for inexpensive fresh flowers? Come to Niehu Flower Market!

Guanghua Digital Plaza

You can probably find anything digital you can imagine at Guanghua Digital Plaza Computer Market. Such of course include computers and computer accessories, blank discs, electronic components, sound systems, video games, audio-visual products and even second-hand books. No matter you are a computer rookie, digital expert or stereo fan, Guanghua Digital Plaza shall satisfy your needs – all at once!

Wufenpu (wholesale garment street)

Wufenpu houses plenty of wholesale garment stores that sell a vast range of clothes at a super bargain price. The store owners also accept retail purchases, so if you want to build a new dressing style, Wufenpu is a good place to go.

Dihua Street (the New Year goods street)

Dihua Street retains some of the meaningful old houses of Taiwan in the most complete way. Since the late Qing Dynasty, Dihua has been the largest wholesale street of dried foods, tea, herbal medicine and cloth. Don’t forget to visit this street right before the lunar New Year, because at this time people like to come and buy snacks and foods to celebrate. We highly recommend Dihua Street to foreigners!

The Old Pottery and Porcelain Street of Yingge

Take a walk on this old street and you shall quickly understand why Yingge is so attractive. Old and new buildings stand next to each another, forming an intriguing contrast. In addition to the pottery museum, Yingge offers many pottery-making classes. You can also just buy some ready-made potteries and porcelains home, either for everyday use or for artistic appreciation. They make wonderful gifts, too.

Sanyi Wood-carving Old Street

Sanyi’s wood sculptors are most famous for their “making use of the characteristics of the piece of wood to create something different.” This is how they make impressive works.

Stone Art (Shiyi) Market

Hualien’s Stone Art Market situates on the intersection of Boai Street and Chongqing Road. The site was deserted for years as a former railway hospital, before it was refurbished by the Hualien Stone Art Association in recent years. Today it sells a variety of beautiful stone artworks.

Ximending Shopping District

Ximending includes the blocks among four roads in Wanhua, Taipei: Chengdu Road, Kangding Road, Hankou Street and Zhonghua Road. This is the city’s fashion hub. You can also find all sorts of food and fun here.

Zhongxiao Dunhua Shopping District

Zhongxiao Dunhua refers to the area around the intersection of Zhongxiao East Road and Dunhua South Road. The district is still growing thanks to its central location and vibrant activities. Zhongxiao Dunhua is even considered the city’s most active business zone. Feel free to shop in the area’s large department stores and designer stores!

Xinyi Shopping District

Xinyi Road, Zhongxiao East Road, Jilong Road and Songren Road mark the four borders of Xinyi Shopping District. This place has the largest number of department stores, luxury hotels and renowned restaurants. Therefore, while in the day it serves as a modern, fast-paced financial district, in the night it becomes the place for chic people. All kinds of weekend events and open-air fairs can also be enjoyed here. Come and discover versatile Xinyi Shopping District!

Jinming First Street

Located right in Taichung City’s Fifth Redevelopment Zone, Jinming First Street has both office buildings and general shops. The 130-meter street is pedestrian-only. Open-air coffee tables are available, and its landscaping is relaxing. Art and cultural events are held here from time to time. Jinming First Street is a unique, leisurely one that you should visit.

Tunghai International Arts Street

On the Dadu Hill, the art street is filled with humanistic, artsy and community-aware shops. They each have their own characteristics. The street’s colorful graffiti tell interesting stories of the place.

Xin Juejiang District

Xin Juejiang is southern Taiwan’s center of foreign boutiques. Here you can find the world’s latest products. Especially to young people, Xin Juejiang is a shopping paradise and the universe of chicness.

Yuzhu Shopping District

Yuzhu Shopping District is not far from the Central Park on Wufu Road. In fact, it is just on the opposite side of Xin Juejiang, another famous shopping district of Kaohsiung, against Wufu Second Road. All of Yuzhu’s products, such as clothes and accessories, have an exotic touch, and they also reflect the latest fashion trends. It is said Yuzhu is similar to Tokyo’s Harajuku. Fresh and cool, the younger generation loves it.

Sanduo Shopping District

At the intersection of Zhongshan and Sanduo Roads, Sanduo Shopping District not only has the city’s large department stores but also many shops selling boutiques, clothes, cosmetics, accessories, everyday products and more. You can also easily find a nice restaurant or café here if you want to take a break from shopping. This place is loved by locals and foreigners alike.

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

At Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, visitors are encouraged to explore all kinds of creative shops, crafts stores, and restaurants and cafes as much as they like. The park was used as a tobacco factory a long time ago, but now it provides precious greenness to urban dwellers with its graceful Baroque garden and serene ecological pond.

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Before it becomes a place for art and cultural events, Huashan 1914 Creative Park served as the Taipei Brewery after the Second World War. During the Japanese Rule, it was also used as a winery, only that it produced Japanese sake at the time. Thanks to some devoted artists, this historic site is now Taipei City’s new cultural highlight.

Taichung Cultural & Creative Industries Park

Situated at the back of the Taichung Train Station in the city’s south area, Taichung Cultural & Creative Industries Park has been adapted from the century-old Taichung Brewery. Today the park is equipped with an art performance zone, a space displaying creative commercial products, and a permanent exhibition hall on Taichung’s brewery culture. Feel free to buy some special souvenirs home as you explore this place’s history.

The Pier-2 Art Center

Before some passionate art professionals tried to give it a second life, Pier-2 Art Center was just an ordinary wharf-side warehouse. The art professionals even founded the Pier-2 Creative Development Association to facilitate the refurbishment work. Today’s Pier-2 serves as a unique space where artists and students can present their works. On the open meadow are impressive artistic installations, shown in conjunction with the current exhibitions. People say they are always pleasantly surprised by what’s going on at Pier-2 every time they visit this place.

Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park

Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park is formerly the Hualien Brewery. All of its old factory zones, warehouses and brewery work areas have now been adapted into either performance spaces, shops selling creative products, or restaurants that serve local food. Immerse in the park’s artsy, leisurely atmosphere as you dine and shop here.


Everrich Duty Free Shop (in city center, pre-orders available)

Other than airport duty-free shops, Everrich has a spacious flagship store in downtown Taipei, so that customers can feel even more at ease when shopping. The flagship store offers pre-order services – make an order at the store and you can get the product at the airport when you leave.

Everrich Duty Free Shop (airport branches)

Everrich offers a wide selection of duty-free products at Taiwan’s major airports and ports. In recent years it has also tapped into the food and beverages industry, serving customers in its own cafes.

Tasa Meng Corporation

Tasa Meng has branches at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and the Nangan Airport of Matsu. It offers a vast range of products and is always devoted to improving services. Domestic and foreign customers alike may purchase duty-free goods at Tasa Meng. If you have any related questions, feel free to ask its staff.